Mittens From Felted Sweaters

Nov 8, 2011

Learn more about making felted wool mittens from old sweaters. If you cut carefully, you can get about 2 pairs of mittens from one felted sweater. Have some felted sweaters on hand? Make some quick & cozy mittens. There has been an interest in making mittens from recycled wool sweaters. com Join Kim and Kris from www.theDIYdish. com as they show you how to turn a wool sweater into wool mittens. Felt an old sweater to create some fantastic no-knit mittens this winter.

Mittens From Felted Sweaters

  • These mittens are simple to create with a traced pattern.
  • Today is a snowy, cold day here in Michigan.
  • Recycle Wool Sweaters Into Mittens – Really? Yes – here are complete instructions how to make a simple pair of mittens from an old felted wool sweater.
  • Wool sweater into fuzzy mittens! – CLOTHING – I saw this idea in a magazine.
  • Unraveling edges will eventually lead to unraveled mittens.
  • These adorable mittens made from an old sweater are sure to make an extra-special holiday gift.

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